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This entry was published on 2015-07-31
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Minimum work standards for the conduct of mold remediation by licensed persons
§ 946. Minimum work standards for the conduct of mold remediation by
licensed persons. 1. A mold remediation licensee shall prepare a mold
remediation work plan that is specific to each project, fulfills all the
requirements of the mold remediation plan developed by the mold
assessment licensee as provided to the client and provides specific
instructions and/or standard operating procedures for how a mold
remediation project will be performed. The mold remediation licensee
shall provide the mold remediation work plan to the client before site
preparation work begins.

2. If a mold assessment licensee specifies in the mold remediation
plan that personal protection equipment (PPE) is required for the
project, the mold remediation licensee shall provide the specified PPE
to all employees who engage in remediation activities and who will, or
are anticipated to, disturb or remove mold contamination. The
containment, when constructed as described in the remediation work plan
and under normal conditions of use, must prevent the spread of mold to
areas outside the containment.

3. Signs advising that a mold remediation project is in progress shall
be displayed at all accessible entrances to remediation areas.

4. No person shall remove or dismantle any containment structures or
materials from a project site prior to receipt by the mold remediation
licensee overseeing the project of a notice from a mold assessment
licensee that the project has achieved clearance as described in section
nine hundred forty-seven of this title.

5. Disinfectants, biocides and antimicrobial coatings may be used only
if their use is specified in a mold remediation plan, if they are
registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the
intended use and if the use is consistent with the manufacturer's
labeling instructions. If a plan specifies the use of such a product but
does not specify the brand or type of product, a mold remediation
licensee may select the brand or type of product to be used. A decision
by a mold assessment or remediation licensee to use such a product must
take into account the potential for occupant sensitivities and possible
adverse reactions to chemicals that have the potential to be off-gassed
from surfaces coated with the product.