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This entry was published on 2015-07-31
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Post-remediation assessment and clearance
§ 947. Post-remediation assessment and clearance. 1. For a remediated
project to achieve clearance, a mold assessment licensee shall conduct a
post-remediation assessment. The post-remediation assessment shall
determine whether:

(a) the work area is free from all visible mold; and

(b) all work has been completed in compliance with the remediation
plan and remediation work plan and meets clearance criteria specified in
the plan.

2. Post-remediation assessment shall, to the extent feasible,
determine that the underlying cause of the mold has been remediated so
that it is reasonably certain that the mold will not return from that
remediated area. If it has been determined that the underlying cause of
the mold has not been remediated, the mold assessment licensee shall
make a recommendation to the client as to the type of contractor who
could remedy the source of the mold or the moisture causing the mold.

3. A mold assessment licensee who determines that remediation has been
successful shall issue a written passed clearance report to the client
at the conclusion of each mold remediation project.

4. If the mold assessment licensee determines that remediation has not
been successful, the licensee shall issue a written final status report
to the client and to the remediation licensee and recommend to the
client that either a new assessment be conducted, that the remediation
plan as originally developed be completed, or the underlying causes of
mold be addressed, as appropriate.