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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legislative bill drafting commission
Legislative (LEG) CHAPTER 32, ARTICLE 2
§ 24. Legislative bill drafting commission. A legislative bill
drafting commission is hereby created to consist of two commissioners,
one of whom shall be the commissioner for administration and the other
of whom shall be the commissioner for operations. Each such commissioner
shall be appointed jointly by the temporary president of the senate and
the speaker of the assembly. Such appointments shall be evidenced by the
joint certificate of the appointing officers filed in the office of the
secretary of state. Each such commissioner shall hold office until his
successor is appointed in the same manner as hereinabove provided. The
commissioners shall receive such compensation as may be provided within
the amount of the appropriation made by law for the maintenance and
operation of the commission. The commissioners and employees of the
commission shall be considered as employees of the legislature for all