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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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Members, Officers and Employees of the Legislature
Legislative (LEG) CHAPTER 32

Section 2. Exemption of members and officers from arrest.

3. Expulsion of members.

4. Contempts of either house.

5. Compensation of members.

5-a. Allowances for member serving as an officer of either

house of the legislature or in a special capacity


5-b. Limit on outside earned income by members.

6. Officers and employees of the senate.

7. Officers and employees of the assembly.

7-a. Legislative library, librarian and assistants.

7-b. Legislative emergency health station.

7-c. Member of assembly defined.

7-d. Employees of the legislature.

7-e. Assistive listening system for the deaf and hard of


7-f. Assembly historian.

7-g. Senate historian.

8. Appointments to be filed with the comptroller.

9. Additional employees.

10. Compensation of officers and employees.

11. Designation of payrolls as annual, session or temporary.

12. Authorization of expenditures.

15. Duties of secretary and clerk.

16. Supplies furnished by secretary and clerk.

17. Accountability of secretary and clerk to comptroller.

18. Duties of postmasters and assistants.

19. Duties of official stenographers.

20. Detail of officers and employees for special duties.

21. Limitation of legislative expenses.

22. Custody of legislative papers and documents.

22-a. Reproduction and destruction of certain records, books and

papers of the senate.

22-b. Destruction and reproductions of assembly books and


23. Appropriation bills, how referred.

24. Legislative bill drafting commission.

25. Duties of the commission.

27. Appointment of secretaries of finance and ways and means


28. Compensation, expenses, employees.

29. Sub-committees of finance and ways and means committees.

30. Duties of finance and ways and means committees and


31. Appearances and inquiries in respect to the budget;

procedure regulated.

32. Representation of certain legislative committees during

revision of the budget.

32-a. Budget; public hearings.

33. Exercise of certain statutory powers during a vacancy in

office of the temporary president of the senate and

speaker of the assembly.