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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Appointment of secretaries of finance and ways and means committees
Legislative (LEG) CHAPTER 32, ARTICLE 2
§ 27. Appointment of secretaries of finance and ways and means
committees. The committee on finance of the senate and the committee on
ways and means of the assembly shall serve throughout the year, with
power to make, through the chairman of the respective committees or
through sub-committees appointed by them, such investigation of the
various activities of the state as will aid them in their consideration
of the budget submitted by the executive and any further appropriations
proposed to the legislature. The temporary president of the senate shall
appoint a secretary for the senate finance committee and the speaker of
the assembly shall appoint a secretary for the assembly ways and means
committee. Each appointment shall be evidenced by certificate duly
executed by the officer making the appointment, and filed in the office
of the secretary of state. Such secretaries shall hold office until
their successors are appointed.