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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Notice of completion and acceptance may be demanded
§ 11-a. Notice of completion and acceptance may be demanded. 1. At any
time before the construction or demolition of a public improvement is
completed and accepted by the state or any political subdivision
thereof, or by a public corporation or within thirty days thereof a
person performing work for or furnishing materials to a contractor, his
subcontractor, assignee or legal representative may file a written
demand requiring notice of completion and acceptance be given to him
upon the happening of such event.

2. Such demand shall be filed with the head of the department or
bureau having charge of the construction or demolition. It shall state
the name and address of the one making the demand; the name of the
contractor or subcontractor for whom the labor was performed or
materials furnished; the estimated amount of the entire value thereof;
and a description of the public improvement upon which the labor was
performed or the materials furnished.

3. Within five days of any completion and acceptance in respect to
which a demand for notice has been filed pursuant to the provisions of
this section the head of the department or bureau issuing the same shall
cause written notice thereof to be mailed to the name and address of the
one making the demand as recited therein.

4. The failure by the state, public corporation or any officer or
employee thereof to give the notice required by this section shall not
give rise to any cause of action; extend any period of time within which
an act must be performed; or otherwise alter, affect or impair any other
right or duty.