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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Mechanics' Liens

Section 3. Mechanic's lien on real property.

4. Extent of lien.

4-a. Insurance proceeds liable for demands. Owner, contractor

or subcontractor diverting proceeds, guilty of larceny.

5. Liens under contracts for public improvements.

6. Liens for labor on railroads.

7. Liability for advance payments, collusive mortgages and


8. Terms of contract may be demanded.

9. Contents of notice of lien.

10. Filing of notice of lien.

11. Service of copy of notice of lien.

11-a. Notice of completion and acceptance may be demanded.

11-b. Copy of notice of lien to a contractor or subcontractor.

11-c. Copy of notice of lien to a contractor or subcontractor

with respect to public improvements liens.

12. Notice of lien on account of public improvements.

12-a. Amendment.

13. Priority of liens.

14. Assignment of lien.

15. Assignments of contracts and orders to be filed.

16. Assignment of contracts and orders for public improvement

to be filed.

17. Duration of lien.

18. Duration of lien under contract for a public improvement.

19. Discharge of lien for private improvement.

20. Discharge of lien after notice of lien filed by payment of

money into court.

21. Discharge of lien for public improvement.

21-a. Vacating lien for a public improvement, by order of court.

22. Building loan contract.

23. Construction of article.

24. Enforcement of mechanic's lien.

25. Priority of liens and assignments under contracts for

public improvements. Parity of liens of same class.

26. Subordination of liens after agreement with owner.

28. Lien of certain judgments postponed.

29. Subordination of liens to subsequent mortgage.

30. Subordination of notices of lis pendens.

31. Discharge of liens on sale of real property.

32. Certain liens and claims not to be affected.

33. Certain sections not to apply to laborers' liens.

34. Waiver of lien.

35. Waiver of arbitration; arbitrators' award conclusive.

37. Bond to discharge all liens.

38. Itemized statement may be required of lienor.

39. Lien wilfully exaggerated is void.

39-a. Liability of lienor where lien has been declared void on

account of wilful exaggeration.

39-c. Repossession of materials not used.