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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Terms of contract may be demanded
§ 8. Terms of contract may be demanded. A statement of the terms of a
contract made between an owner and a contractor, pursuant to which an
improvement of real property is being made, and, of the amount due or to
become due thereon shall be furnished upon demand in writing by the
owner, or his duly authorized agent, to a subcontractor, laborer or
material man performing labor for or furnishing materials to a
contractor, or subcontractor, under such contract. If, within thirty
days of such demand the owner refuses or neglects to furnish such
statement or falsely states the terms of such contract or the amount due
or to become due thereon, and a subcontractor, laborer or material man
has not been paid the amount of his claim against a contractor or
subcontractor, under such contract, and a judgment has been obtained and
execution issued against such contractor or subcontractor and returned
wholly or partly unsatisfied, the owner shall be liable for the loss
sustained by reason of such refusal, neglect or false statement, and the
lien of such subcontractor, laborer or material man, filed as prescribed
in this article, against the real property improved for the labor
performed or materials furnished after such demand, shall exist to the
same extent and be enforced in the same manner as if such labor and
materials had been directly performed for and furnished to such owner.