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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Liens for labor on railroads
§ 6. Liens for labor on railroads. Any person who shall hereafter
perform any labor for a railroad corporation shall have a lien for the
value of such labor upon the railroad track, rolling-stock and
appurtenances of such railroad corporation and upon the land upon which
such railroad track and appurtenances are situated, by filing a notice
of such lien in the office of the clerk of any county wherein any part
of such railroad is situated, to the extent of the right, title and
interest of such corporation in such property, existing at the time of
such filing. The provisions of this article relating to the contents,
filing and entry of a notice of a mechanic's lien, and the priority and
duration thereof, shall apply to such liens. A copy of the notice of
such lien shall be personally served upon such corporation within ten
days after the filing thereof in the manner prescribed by the justice
court act for the service of summons in actions in justices' courts
against domestic railroad corporations.