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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assignment of lien
§ 14. Assignment of lien. A lien, filed as prescribed in this article,
may be assigned by a written instrument signed and acknowledged by the
lienor, at any time before the discharge thereof. Such assignment shall
contain the names and places of residence of the assignor and assignee,
the amount of the lien and the date of filing the notice of lien, and be
filed in the office where the notice of the lien assigned is filed. The
facts relating to such an assignment and the names of the assignee shall
be entered by the proper officer in the book where the notice of lien is
entered and opposite the entry thereof. Unless such assignment is filed,
the assignee need not be made a defendant in an action to foreclose a
mortgage, lien or other incumbrance. A payment made by the owner of the
real property subject to the lien assigned or by his agent or
contractor, or by the contractor of a public corporation, to the
original lienor, on account of such lien, without notice of such
assignment and before the same is filed, shall be valid and of full
force and effect. Except as prescribed herein, the validity of an
assignment of a lien shall not be affected by a failure to file the