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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Duration and effect of lien
§ 141. Duration and effect of lien. Such lien shall terminate unless
an action is brought to enforce the same within three months after the
date of filing such notice, as provided in article nine for the
enforcement of a lien upon a chattel. If the labor upon such sandstone,
cement stone, granite, bluestone, limestone or marble is performed for a
contractor under a contract with the owner of such quarry, mine, yard or
dock, the owner shall not be liable to pay by reason of all the liens
filed against such quarry, mine, yard or dock, a greater sum than the
amount unpaid upon such contract at the time of filing such notices, or
in case there is no contract, than the aggregate amount unpaid of the
value of labor and services performed, pursuant to the preceding
section. The lien created by this article shall not attach to any
material which shall have become a part of any building or structure, or
ceased to be the property of the person for whom such labor was