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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Discharge of lien
§ 142. Discharge of lien. Such lien may be discharged by a payment of
the amount due thereon, by a failure to bring an action to enforce the
same within the time prescribed in the preceding section, by the written
consent of the lienor, duly acknowledged and filed with the proper
officer to the effect that such lien may be discharged, and by the owner
of such sandstone, cement stone, granite, bluestone, limestone or marble
filing with such officer an undertaking in an amount equal to twice the
sum specified in the notice of lien, executed by one or more sureties
who shall justify in such amount and approved by the officer with whom
the notice of lien is filed, conditioned for the payment of the sum due
such lienor, by reason of such lien, and the cost and expenses of
enforcing the same.