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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Warrant; execution thereof
§ 88. Warrant; execution thereof. Thereupon, such justice shall issue
a warrant to the sheriff of the county where such vessel may be, or,
generally to the sheriff of any county, specifying the amount of the
claim, and the names of the persons making the claim and commanding him
to seize and safely keep such ship or vessel, her tackle, apparel and
furniture, to satisfy such claim, if established to be a lien upon the
vessel according to law, and within ten days after the seizure to make
return of his proceedings under the warrant to such justice. The sheriff
shall forthwith execute such warrant, and keep the vessel, her tackle,
apparel and furniture to be disposed of according to law. In his return
the sheriff shall state also whether he has seized such vessel by virtue
of any other warrant, and if so, in whose behalf and for what sum such
warrant was issued and the time of its receipt by him.