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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Order to show cause; contents; service
§ 89. Order to show cause; contents; service. At the time of issuing
such warrant the justice shall grant an order to show cause, why the
vessel seized by virtue of such warrant should not be sold to satisfy
the lien specified in the application. Such order shall be returnable
not less than eight days after the service thereof, as required in this
section, before the justice and at the time and place mentioned therein.
It shall be directed to the master or other person in charge of the
vessel seized and to the owner and consignee thereof, if known. A copy
of such order and the application for the warrant shall be served
personally upon the master or other person in charge of such vessel at
the time of the execution of such warrant; and personally upon the owner
and consignee of such vessel if a resident of the state, or if not a
resident of the state, by mail addressed to such owner or consignee at
his last known place of residence, within ten days after the execution
of such warrant.