1. The Laws of New York
  2. Unconsolidated Laws
  3. Lost and Strayed Animals 115/1894

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Lost and Strayed Animals 115/1894 (LSA)

(1) With each license issued or renewed under this act, the department of health and mental hygiene of such city shall supply the applicant with a certificate of license or renewal stating the name and address of the owner of the dog and the number of such license or renewal.

  (2) Every dog licensed under this act shall, at all times, have a collar about its neck with a tag made of metal or other durable material attached thereto, bearing the number of the license. Such tag shall be supplied to the owner by such department. Such department shall provide notice with each such tag that anyone who shall use a license tag on a dog for which it was not issued shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor as provided in section nine of this act. Nothing in this act shall prevent such department from issuing specialty tags which, for an additional cost set by local law, owners may purchase in lieu of the standard tags issued pursuant to this section. The commissioner of health and mental hygiene of such city may issue rules requiring that dogs licensed under this act shall have attached to such collar a tag indicating that a rabies vaccination has been administered.

  (3) Such department may issue replacements for tags that are lost and may require reasonable proof of loss of the original and payment of a sum, set by local law, equal to the cost of replacement.

  (4) On or about the thirtieth day before the end of the term for which a license issued or renewed under this act shall be valid, such department shall notify the licensee by mail or other means, using the contact information provided pursuant to subdivision one of section two of this act, of the date by which renewal is required, the manner in which the licensee may apply for renewal, the fees associated with on-time and late renewal respectively, and the penalties to which the licensee may be subject under section three of this act in the event he or she fails to renew such license.