1. The Laws of New York
  2. Unconsolidated Laws
  3. Lost and Strayed Animals 115/1894

Section 8-C No title

Lost and Strayed Animals 115/1894 (LSA)

Notwithstanding the provisions of section eight of this act, the power to issue licenses and renewals and to collect fees therefor, to maintain a shelter or other facility for lost, strayed and homeless animals in each borough and otherwise to carry out the provisions of this act may be transferred to any city having a population of over two million and exercised within such city by an agency designated by the mayor of such city. Such agency so designated shall be authorized to enter into a contract or contracts for the performance of some or all of the duties to be performed under this act with one or more organizations incorporated under the not-for-profit corporation law, except any such organization the corporate purposes of which include or which otherwise engages in the use of animals for research, experimentation, testing, teaching or demonstration, or any such organization, the directors, officers, employees or agents of which have been found to have engaged in any of the activities prohibited in section twelve of this act. The transfer of powers authorized by this section shall take effect:

  (1) on the effective date of an agreement between such city, acting by its mayor, and the American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals providing for the orderly transfer of the performance of such duties to an agency of the city; or

  (2) eighteen months after notice by such society to such city of such society's intention to relinquish the powers delegated to it by this act or such later date as may be specified in such notice, provided, however, that such society shall continue to exercise the powers so delegated for such additional period of time as may be necessary to ensure an orderly transfer of the exercise of such powers to a city agency designated in accordance with this section; or

  (3) no less than eighteen months after notice by such city to such society of the city's intention to assume such powers or such later date as may be specified in such notice.

  * NB Repealed February 15, 2015