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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Officers and employees
Municipal Housing Authorities (MHA) CHAPTER ROOT, ARTICLE 5
* § 64. Officers and employees. 1. When the office of the first
chairman of the authority becomes vacant, the authority shall select a
chairman from among its members. An authority shall select among its
members a vice-chairman, and it may employ a secretary, who shall be
executive director, technical experts and such other officers, agents
and employees, permanent and temporary, as it may require, and shall
determine their qualifications, duties and compensation. An authority
may call upon the corporation counsel or chief law officer of the
municipality for such legal services as it may require and it shall
reimburse the municipality for the cost of such services, or it may
employ its own counsel and legal staff. The secretary, and any counsel
and assistant attorneys employed by an authority, shall be in the exempt
class of the civil service.

2. No member or employee of an authority shall acquire any interest
direct or indirect in a project or in any property then or thereafter
included or planned to be included in a project, nor retain any interest
direct or indirect in any property acquired subsequently to his
appointment or employment which is later included or to his knowledge
planned to be included in a project, nor shall he have any interest
direct or indirect in any contract or proposed contract for materials or
services to be furnished or used in connection with any project. If any
member or employee of any authority owns or controls an interest direct
or indirect in any property included in any project, which was acquired
prior to his appointment or employment, he shall disclose such interest
and the date of acquisition thereof in writing to the authority and such
disclosure shall be entered upon the minutes of the authority.

* NB The text of Article 5 of the former State Housing Law (cited
herein as the "Municipal Housing Authorities Law"), as such article
existed immediately prior to its repeal pursuant to section 227 of
Chapter 808 of the Laws of 1939, is provided here for ease of reference
and historical purposes as such text continues to be applicable for the
New York City Housing Authority pursuant to the provisions of section
401 of the current Public Housing Law.