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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Loans and payments by municipality
Municipal Housing Authorities (MHA) CHAPTER ROOT, ARTICLE 5
* § 65. Loans and payments by municipality. 1. A municipality may
advance, lend or agree to lend to an authority, or it may pay or agree
with an authority or government to pay to an authority, without
reimbursement by or liability of the authority or government therefor,
such sums as the authority may require for its administrative expenses
not exceeding one million dollars for a city of more than a million
inhabitants, two hundred thousand dollars for any other city, fifty
thousand dollars for any county, or ten thousand dollars for any

2. A municipality may make such loans or payments out of any funds
available for that purpose or it may direct the comptroller to issue and
sell special revenue bonds or other similar obligations of the
municipality and out of the proceeds thereof to make such loans or
payments. The amount necessary to pay the principal and interest of such
bonds or other obligations shall be included in the estimates of monies
necessary to be raised by taxation to carry on the business of the
municipality and shall be made a part of the tax levy for the year next
following the year in which such loans or payments are made.

* NB The text of Article 5 of the former State Housing Law (cited
herein as the "Municipal Housing Authorities Law"), as such article
existed immediately prior to its repeal pursuant to section 227 of
Chapter 808 of the Laws of 1939, is provided here for ease of reference
and historical purposes as such text continues to be applicable for the
New York City Housing Authority pursuant to the provisions of section
401 of the current Public Housing Law.