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This entry was published on 2020-04-17
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Comprehensive care centers for eating disorders; established
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE E, ARTICLE 30
§ 30.03 Comprehensive care centers for eating disorders; established.

The commissioner shall provide for the public identification of
comprehensive care centers for persons with eating disorders for the
purposes of:

(a) Promoting the operation of a continuum of comprehensive,
coordinated care for persons with eating disorders;

(b) Promoting ready access to information, referral and treatment
services on eating disorders for consumers, health practitioners,
providers and insurers, with access in every region of the state;

(c) Promoting community education, prevention and patient entry into
care; and

(d) Promoting and coordinating regional and statewide research efforts
into effective methods of education, prevention and treatment, including
research on the various models of care.