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This entry was published on 2020-04-17
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Qualifying criteria
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE E, ARTICLE 30
§ 30.04 Qualifying criteria.

(a) In order to qualify for state identification as a comprehensive
care center for eating disorders pursuant to this article, applicants
must demonstrate to the commissioner's satisfaction that, at a minimum:

1. The applicant can provide a continuum of care tailored to the
specialized needs of individuals with eating disorders, with such
continuum including at least the following levels of care:

(i) Individual health, psychosocial and case management services, in
both noninstitutional and institutional settings, from licensed and
certified practitioners with demonstrated experience and expertise in
providing services to individuals with eating disorders;

(ii) Medical/surgical, psychiatric and rehabilitation care in a
general hospital or a hospital licensed under this chapter; provided
that, whenever practicable and appropriate, the service setting for any
such care shall be oriented to the specific needs, treatment and
recovery of persons with eating disorders;

(iii) Residential care and services in a residential health care
facility licensed under article twenty-eight of the public health law,
or a facility licensed under article thirty-one of this chapter which
will provide a program of care and service setting that is specifically
oriented to the needs of individuals with eating disorders;

2. The care of individuals will be managed and coordinated at each
level and throughout the continuum of care;

3. The applicant is able to conduct activities for community
education, prevention, information/referral and research; and

4. The applicant meets such additional criteria as are established by
the commissioner.

(b) Eligible applicants shall include but are not limited to providers
licensed under article twenty-eight of the public health law or article
thirty-one of this chapter or health or mental health practitioners
licensed under title eight of the education law.

(c) The commissioner shall seek the recommendation of the commissioner
of health prior to identifying an applicant as a comprehensive care
center under this article.