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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Liability of local government
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE E, ARTICLE 41
§ 41.29 Liability of local government.

Any local government which has established a local governmental unit
shall save harmless and protect the members of the board and officers
and employees of such unit from financial loss arising out of any claim,
demand, suit, or judgment by reason of alleged negligence or other act
resulting in accidental bodily harm or injury to any person, provided
such board member, officer, or employee at the time of the accident or
injury was acting in the discharge of his duties within the scope of his
employment under this article. No action shall be maintained under this
section against such a local government, board member, officer, or
employee unless a notice of claim shall have been made and served in
compliance with section fifty-e of the general municipal law. Except in
an action for wrongful death, an action against such a local government,
board member, officer, or employee for damages for injuries to real or
personal property, or for the destruction thereof, or for personal
injuries, alleged to have been sustained, shall not be commenced more
than one year and ninety days after the cause of action therefor shall
have accrued.