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Local Services
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE E

Section 41.01 Declaration of purpose.

41.03 Definitions.

41.04 Responsibilities of commissioners of the offices.

41.05 Local governmental unit.

41.07 Provision of services by the local governmental unit.

41.09 Director.

41.10 State conference of local mental hygiene directors.

41.11 Composition of boards.

41.13 Powers and duties of local governmental units.

41.15 Approved plans and state aid.

41.16 Local planning; state and local responsibilities.

41.17 State and local coordination.

41.18 Local services plan; state aid.

41.24 Study on alternative to net deficit funding.

41.25 Fees.

41.27 State aid procedures.

41.29 Liability of local government.

41.31 Publication of records.

41.32 Transitional provisions for local assistance funding of

federally funded demonstration projects for treatment

of alcoholics.

41.33 Community residences for the mentally disabled.

41.34 Site selection of community residential facilities.

41.35 Demonstration programs.

41.36 Community residential facilities.

41.37 Community residence and residential treatment facility

for children and youth development grants.

41.38 Rental and mortgage payments of community residential

facilities for the mentally ill.

41.39 Vocational programs; sheltered workshop industrial

contract income.

41.40 Small community residential facilities.

41.40*2 Respite services.

41.41 Rights of persons with developmental disabilities.

41.42 Family support programs.

41.43 Family support services.

41.44 Community residential services for the mentally ill.

41.45 Development grants for residential care centers for


41.46 Disclosure by members, officers and employees.

41.47 Community support services program.

41.48 Real property acquisition options.

41.49 Adolescent suicide prevention program.

41.49*2 Community based mental health services for seriously

emotionally disturbed children.

41.50 Development grants for comprehensive psychiatric

emergency programs.

41.51 State aid for costs of comprehensive psychiatric

emergency programs.

41.52 Community residential services for alcoholism.

41.53 Community residence development grants for alcoholism


41.54 Roles and responsibilities of certain board members.

41.54*2 Employee assistance programs.

41.55 Community mental health support and workforce

reinvestment program.

41.57 Compulsive gambling education and treatment program.