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Office of Mental Health
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE B

Section 7.01 Declaration of policy.

7.03 Definitions.

7.07 Office of mental health; scope of responsibilities.

7.09 Powers of the office and commissioner; how exercised.

7.11 Organization and administration of the office of mental

health and its facilities.

7.13 Local services.

7.15 Programs of the office of mental health.

7.17 Programs, services, and operation of facilities in the

office of mental health.

7.18 Secure treatment facilities in the office.

7.19 Personnel of the office.

7.21 Directors of facilities.

7.23 Education and training.

7.24 Mental health disorder hospital discharge; policies and


7.25 Safety.

7.27 Facility services.

7.29 Gifts.

7.31 Disposition of moneys and securities.

7.33 Boards of visitors.

7.35 Actions against persons rendering professional services

at the request of the office; defense and


7.37 Powers of the office and commissioner in relation to the

planning and referral of mentally ill children for

adult services.

7.37-a Transitional care.

7.38 Additional duties of the office with respect to persons

receiving transitional care.

7.39 Registration and notification of boards of directors or

trustees of certain voluntary not-for-profit

facilities or corporations.

7.41 Geriatric service demonstration program.

7.43 The children's plan.

7.45 Retaliatory personnel actions.

7.47 Mental illness anti-stigma grants.

7.49 Monthly status reports.