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Inspector; duties
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 2
§ 13. Inspector; duties. The inspector shall annually, and at such
other times as he shall deem it expedient, or as the commissioner may
direct, inspect every public vessel, except vessels which navigate on
waters over which the United States exercises active control. The
inspector shall carefully examine the hull, the propelling and auxiliary
machinery, the electrical apparatus and the vessel's equipment. He shall
require such changes, repairs and improvements to be made as he may deem
expedient for the contemplated route. No vessel, or propelling machinery
thereof shall be allowed to be used if constructed in whole, or in part,
of defective material, or which because of its form, design,
workmanship, age, use or for any other reason is unsafe. He shall also
fix the number of passengers that may be transported. The inspector
shall require that the boilers, on all public vessels which are
propelled by steam engines, be inspected and approved for safety of
operations by inspectors of the New York State Department of Labor,
Bureau of Boilers. Every boiler and appurtenances thereof shall be
constructed, maintained and operated in accordance with the Department
of Labor rules and regulations pertaining to boilers. The inspector
shall also, whenever he deems it expedient, visit any vessel licensed
under this chapter and examine into her condition for the purpose of
ascertaining whether or not any party thereon, having a certificate, or
license, from the inspector, has conformed to and obeyed the conditions
of such certificate, and the provisions of this chapter. The owner,
master, pilot, engineer or joint pilot and engineer of such vessel,
shall answer all reasonable questions and give all the information in
his or their power in regard to said vessel, or its machinery or
equipment and the manner of managing the same. The inspector provided
for in this chapter is authorized to make further rules and regulations
applying generally to all vessels, or especially to one or more of them.
In framing rules for the government of managers and employees on
vessels, the inspector shall, as far as practicable, be governed by the
general rules and regulations prescribed by the United States coast
guard. The inspector shall have the power to issue a uniform navigation
summons and/or complaint for violations of the provisions of article
four of this chapter which are applicable to vessels.