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Sale and disposition of property
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 10
§ 138. Sale and disposition of property. 1. If within a year after
wrecked property shall have been saved, no person shall have appeared to
claim the same, or if the salvage and expenses on such property shall
not have been paid within three months after the same shall have been
adjusted, or an action for the recovery of the property shall have been
commenced, the officer in whose custody the property shall be shall sell
the same at public auction, and pay the proceeds of such sale, deducting
salvage and expenses, to the state comptroller pursuant to the
provisions of section thirteen hundred seven of the abandoned property
law for the benefit of the parties interested; but in no case shall any
deduction of salvage and expenses be made unless the amount thereof
shall have been adjusted upon due proof, by an order of such county or
city court, a copy of which order and of the evidence in support thereof
shall be transmitted by the court making it to the comptroller.

2. If the property has been sold as perishable, pursuant to the
provisions of section one hundred thirty-one, the balance of the
proceeds, after deducting the salvage and expenses as adjusted, shall be
paid by the county treasurer to the state comptroller as provided in
section thirteen hundred seven of the abandoned property law.