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Publication of notice of wrecked property
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 10
§ 139. Publication of notice of wrecked property. Every sheriff, into
whose possession any wrecked property shall come, shall immediately
thereafter publish a notice directed to all parties interested, for at
least four weeks in succession, in one or more of the newspapers
published in the county where the property shall have been saved. Every
such notice shall contain a minute description of such wrecked property,
and every bale, bag, box, cask, piece or parcel thereof, and of the
marks, brands, letters and figures on each, and shall state where such
wrecked property then is, and its actual condition, and the name, if
known, of the vessel from which it was taken or case on shore, and of
the master and supercargo of such vessel, and the place where such
vessel then is, and its actual condition. The expense of publishing
every notice required to be published relating to wrecks shall be
charged on the property or proceeds to which it relates.