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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 3
§ 34. Regattas. The commissioner may authorize the holding of regattas
or boat races on any navigable waters of the state within his
jurisdiction. He shall adopt and may, from time to time, amend
regulations concerning the safety of vessels and the passengers and
other persons thereon, either observers or participants. Whenever a
regatta or boat race is proposed to be held on such waters, the person
in charge thereof, shall, at least fifteen days prior thereto, file an
application with the commissioner in his office at Albany for permission
to hold such regatta or boat race. The application shall set forth the
date and location where it is proposed to hold such regatta or boat
races and it shall not be conducted without authorization of the
commissioner in writing. A copy of the regulations adopted pursuant to
this section, and of any amendments thereto, shall be filed in the
office of the commissioner and in the office of the department of state.
A copy of such regulations shall be furnished by the commissioner to any
person making due application therefor. Any person who shall violate
any regulation adopted pursuant to this section shall for every such
violation forfeit to the people of the state the sum of not to exceed
two hundred and fifty dollars to be recovered in a civil action.