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Navigable Waters of the State
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37

Section 30. Navigation, jurisdiction over.

31. Excavation, fill or other modification of water course.

32. Location of structures in or on navigable waters.

32-a. Using net or weir unlawfully in Hudson river.

32-b. Lights upon swing bridges.

32-c. Interfering with navigation.

32-d. Dumping or depositing of certain materials in the Genesee


32-e. Restriction and regulation of structures in certain towns

and villages in the county of Niagara.

33. Deposit of refuse in navigable waters of the state.

33-a. Sanitary facilities aboard craft on Lake George,

Canandaigua Lake, Keuka Lake, Skaneateles Lake and on

Greenwood Lake, Orange county.

33-b. Dumping or depositing trash and other debris in Chautauqua

lake and its tributaries; ice fishing shanties on lakes

within the state of New York; identification of duck


33-c. Regulating disposal of sewage; littering of waterways.

33-d. Sanitary facilities aboard crafts on Lake Champlain.

33-e. Marine sanitation devices aboard vessels in vessel waste

no-discharge zones.

34. Regattas.

34-a. Permits for racing shell regattas not required.

35. Aids to navigation.

35-a. Floating objects other than aids to navigation.

35-b. Markers for skin or scuba divers.

35-c. Real time and wind water level telemetry system.

35-d. Aquatic invasive species signs at public boat launches.

36. Removal of unauthorized floating object.

37. Public use of privately owned navigable waters.

38. Lake George water levels.

39. Motor boat regulation on Lake George.

39-a. Motor boat regulation on Lake Colby.