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Historical societies
Not-for-Profit Corporation (NPC) CHAPTER 35, ARTICLE 14
§ 1408. Historical societies.

(a) Historical societies may hold property.

Any incorporated historical society of this state is hereby authorized
to have and hold for the purposes of inclosure, preservation and the
erection of monuments, but not for business purposes, the sites of old
forts, battlegrounds and other historic sites, not exceeding six acres
in any one locality, which shall be exempt from taxation; and to receive
donations of articles of historic interest on the condition that in case
of its dissolution or inability to pay its debts otherwise than from its
effects, such articles shall revert to the donors or their heirs. Fees
may be charged by any such society for the exhibition of its property or
collections only to the extent that the proceeds thereof are used for
the preservation, maintenance and development of such property or

(b) Type of corporation.

An historical society is a charitable corporation under this chapter.

(c) Acquisition.

The acquisition by any such historical society of this state of any
real property for the purpose of inclosure, preservation and the
erection of monuments, is hereby declared to be for a public use. Such
property may be acquired in the manner prescribed by the eminent domain
procedure law.