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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Construction, intent and scope
Not-for-Profit Corporation (NPC) CHAPTER 35, ARTICLE 16
§ 1615. Construction, intent and scope.

The provisions of this article shall be construed liberally to
effectuate the legislative intent and the purposes as complete and
independent authorization for the performance of each and every act and
thing authorized by this article, and all powers granted shall be
broadly interpreted to effectuate the intent and purposes and not as a
limitation of powers. Except as otherwise expressly set forth in this
article, in the exercise of its powers and duties under this article and
its powers relating to property held by the land bank, the land bank
shall have complete control as fully and completely as if it represented
a private property owner and shall not be subject to restrictions
imposed by the charter, ordinances, or resolutions of a local unit of