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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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Certificate of amendment; contents
Not-for-Profit Corporation (NPC) CHAPTER 35, ARTICLE 8
§ 803. Certificate of amendment; contents.

(a) To accomplish any amendment, a certificate of amendment entitled
"Certificate of amendment of the certificate of incorporation of
............................ (name of corporation) under section 803 of
the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law" shall be signed and delivered to the
department of state. It shall set forth:

(1) The name of the corporation and, if it has been changed, the name
under which it was formed.

(2) The date its certificate of incorporation was filed by the
department of state and the law under which it was formed.

(3) That the corporation is a corporation as defined in subparagraph
(a) (5) of section 102 (Definitions).

(4) Each amendment effected thereby, setting forth the subject matter
of each provision of the certificate of incorporation which is to be
amended or eliminated and the full text of the provision or provisions,
if any, which are to be substituted or added.

(5) The manner in which the amendment of the certificate of
incorporation was authorized.

(6) A designation of the secretary of state as agent of the
corporation upon whom process against it may be served and the post
office address within or without this state to which the secretary of
state shall mail a copy of any process against it served upon the
secretary. The corporation may include an email address to which the
secretary of state shall email a notice of the fact that process against
it has been electronically served upon him or her.

(b) Any number of amendments or changes may be included in one
certificate under this section. Such certificate may also include any
amendments or changes permitted by other sections and in that case the
certificate shall set forth any additional statement required by any
other section specifying the contents of a certificate to effect such
amendment or change.