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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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Public Cemetery Corporations
Not-for-Profit Corporation (NPC) CHAPTER 35

Section 1501. Declaration of policy.

1502. Definitions.

1503. Application.

1504. Cemetery board and general administration.

1505. Special requirements of incorporation.

1505-a. Additional requirements for incorporation of


1505-b. Additional requirements for incorporation of natural

organic reduction facilities.

1506. Cemetery lands.

1506-a. Cemetery corporations; restrictions.

1506-b. Transfer of lands of Valley View Rural Cemetery.

1506-c. Abandoned cemetery maintenance by cemetery corporations.

1506-d. Additional requirements for merger or consolidation of

cemetery corporations in certain circumstances.

1506-e. Lease of cemetery lands.

1507. Trust funds.

1507-a. State cemetery board citizens advisory council.

1508. Reports by cemeteries.

1509. Cemetery rules and regulations; charges and lot tax


1510. Cemetery duties.

1510-a. Repair or removal of monuments.

1510-b. Availability for interment on six-day basis.

1510-c. Form of authorizations.

1511. Cemetery indebtedness.

1512. Rights of lot owners.

1513. Sale of burial rights.

1513-a. Reacquisition of a lot, plot or part thereof by a

cemetery corporation.

1514. Misdemeanor; general penalty.

1515. Actions affecting cemetery corporations.

1516. Sale of monuments.

1517. Crematory operations.

1518. Crematory operations during emergency declaration.

1518*2. Natural organic reduction facility operations.