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Survey of water resources
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5, TITLE 4
§ 1079. Survey of water resources. The board of supervisors of Suffolk
county may, by resolution, appropriate a sum of money to defray the
preliminary expenses of such authority so created and may thereafter
appropriate such sums as may be required, for the purpose of making a
survey of the water resources of the said county, and the preparation of
a map or plan for the development thereof. The authority shall, as soon
as possible, make a survey of the water resources of the county, and
prepare a map and plan for the development of the same showing in detail
the proposed sources of water to be developed, and the municipalities
and areas which may be served thereby. Application for approval of the
project shall then be made to the water power and control commission as
provided by article eleven of the conservation law. If so approved, the
authority shall enter into such contracts or agreements as may be
necessary to carry out the plan of such development. The authority may,
however, acquire by purchase or condemnation any existing water supply
and distribution system without making such survey and except as to
properties to be acquired under condemnation proceedings instituted
prior to February first, nineteen hundred fifty-two after first
obtaining the approval of the board of supervisors of the county,
provided, however, that the authority shall not acquire any existing
water supply and distribution system owned by a municipality unless the
governing board thereof shall adopt a resolution requesting the
authority to make such acquisition.