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Public Utility Authorities
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A

Title 1. Power Authority of the State of New York (§§ 1000-1017).

1-A. Long Island power authority (§§ 1020--1020-ii).

1-A*. Green Island power authority (§§ 1020*--1020-w*).

1-B. North Country power authority (§§ 1021-1021-s).

* 2. Albany Light, Heat and Power Authority (§§ 1025-1044).

* NB Terminated July 1, 1963

2-A. New York city municipal water finance authority

(§§ 1045-a--1045-bb).

2-A*. New York City Water Board (§ 1046).

2-B. Buffalo municipal water finance authority

(§§ 1048-a--1049).

3. Erie County Water Authority (§§ 1050-1073).

4. Suffolk County Water Authority (§§ 1074-1092).

5. Monroe County Water Authority (§§ 1093-1113).

5-A. South Nassaue Water Authority (§§ 1114-a--1114-s).

5-A*2. North Shore Water Authority (§§ 1114-a--1114-s).

6. Albany municipal water finance authority

(§§ 1115--1115-bb).

6-A. Albany water board (§§ 1116-1118).

6-B. Clifton Park Water Authority (§§ 1120--1120-x).

6-C. Town of Wilton Water and Sewer Authority (§§ 1121-1146).

6-C*. Dutchess County Water and Wastewater Authority

(§§ 1121-1144).

6-D. Alfred, Almond, Hornellsville Sewer Authority

(§§ 1147--1147-z).

7. Onondaga County Water Authority (§§ 1150-1173).

7-A. Water Authority of Southeastern Nassau County

(§§ 1174-a--1174-s).

8. Buffalo Sewer Authority (§§ 1175-1195).

8-A. New York State Local Water and Sewer Authority Act.

(§§ 1196-a--1196-r).

8-B. Water Authority of Great Neck North. (§§ 1197-a--1197-t).

8-C. Water Authority of Western Nassau County

(§§ 1198-a--1198-t).

8-D. Rensselaer County Water and Sewer Authority.

(§§ 1199--1199-x).

8-E. Wayne county water and sewer authority

(§§ 1199-aa--1199-xx).

8-E*. Orange county water authority (§§ 1199-aa*--1199-ww*).

8-F. Saratoga county water authority (§§ 1199-aaa--1199-xxx).

8-G. Cayuga county water and sewer authority

(§§ 1199-aaaa--1199-yyyy).

8-G*. Livingston county water and sewer authority

(§§ 1199-aaaa*--1199-yyyy*).

9. New York City Transit Authority (§§ 1200-1221).

9-A. Transit Construction Fund (§§ 1225-a--1225-q).

10. Upper Mohawk Valley regional water finance authority

(§§ 1226-a--1226-z).

10-A. Upper Mohawk Valley regional water board

(§§ 1226-aa--1226-bb).

10-B. Niagara Falls public water authority

(§§ 1230-a--1230-aa).

10-C. Niagara Falls water board (§§ 1231-a--1231-b).

10-D. Nassau County sewer and storm water finance authority

(§§ 1232--1232-u).

11. Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Authority (§§


12. New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation

(§§ 1280-1298).

11-A. Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

(§§ 1299--1299-u).

11-B. Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

(§§ 1299-aa--1299-xx).

11-C. Capital District Transportation Authority (§§ 1300-1323).

11-D. Central New York Regional Transportation Authority

(§§ 1325-1348).