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Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5

Section 1260. Short title.

1261. Definitions.

1262. Metropolitan commuter transportation district.

1263. Metropolitan transportation authority.

1264. Purposes of the authority.

1264-a. State of emergency; boarding of a commuter

transportation by domestic companion animals.

1265. General powers of the authority.

1265-a. Contracts.

1265-b. Metropolitan transportation authority small business

mentoring program.

1266. Special powers of the authority.

1266-a. Medical emergency services.

1266-b. Medical emergency services plan; implementation on

Long Island Rail Road.

1266-c. Transit projects.

1266-d. Long Island rail road commuter's council.

1266-e. Metro-North rail commuter council.

1266-f. Medical emergency services plan; implementation on

Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company.

1266-g. Excess loss fund.

1266-h. Authority police force.

1266-i. The permanent citizens advisory committee.

1266-j. Metropolitan transportation authority pledge to


1266-k. Expired fare transfer policy.

1266-l. Surveillance cameras; subway stations.

1266-l*2. Light duty for employees.

1266-m. Information concerning services for human trafficking


1267. Acquisition and disposition of real property.

1267-a. Acquisition and disposition of real property by

department of transportation.

1267-b. Transit facilities for transit construction fund.

1268. Co-operation and assistance of other agencies.

1268-a. Promotion of qualified transportation fringes.

1269. Notes, bonds and other obligations of the authority.

1269-a. Metropolitan transportation authority capital program

review board.

1269-b. Capital program plans; approvals; effect of


1269-c. Metropolitan transportation authority capital program

review board; additional powers and duties.

1269-d. Submission of strategic operation plan.

1269-e. Financial and operational reports.

1269-f. Mission statement and measurement report.

1269-g. Requirements for certain authority contracts and

related subcontracts.

1270. Reserve funds and appropriations.

1270-a. Metropolitan transportation authority special

assistance fund.

1270-b. Metropolitan transportation authority Dutchess, Orange

and Rockland fund.

1270-c. Metropolitan transportation authority dedicated tax


1270-d. Consolidated financings.

1270-e. Implementation of the Transportation Infrastructure

Bond Act of 2000.

1270-f. Implementation of the rebuild and renew New York

transportation bond act of two thousand five.

1270-g. Regulation of certain authority expenditures.

1270-h. Metropolitan transportation authority finance fund.

1270-i. New York city transportation assistance fund.

1270-j. Metropolitan transportation authority commercial

gaming revenue fund.

1271. Agreement of the state.

1272. Right of state to require redemption of bonds.

1273. Remedies of noteholders and bondholders.

1274. Notes and bonds as legal investment.

1275. Exemption from taxation.

1276. Actions against the authority.

1276-a. Annual audit of authority.

1276-b. Authority budget and financial plan.

1276-c. Independent audit of authority.

1276-d. Independent audit by the legislature.

1276-e. Reporting.

1276-f. Metropolitan transportation authority transit

performance metrics.

1277. Station operation and maintenance.

1277-a. Transfer and receipt of surplus funds.

1278. Title not affected if in part unconstitutional or


1279. Metropolitan transportation authority inspector


1279-a. Management advisory board.

1279-b. Transition--election to withdraw from the metropolitan

commuter transportation district.

1279-c. The office of legislative and community input.

1279-d. Supplemental revenue reporting program.

1279-e. Assignment, transfer, sharing or consolidating powers,

functions or activities.

1279-f. Independent forensic audit.

1279-g. Major construction review unit.

1279-h. Debarment.

1279-i. Open data reporting.

1279-l. Right to share employees.