1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Public Authorities
  4. Article 5: Public Utility Authorities
  5. Title 11: Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Authority

Section 1279-H Debarment

Public Authorities (PBA)

The authority shall establish, pursuant to regulation, a debarment process for contractors of the authority that prohibits such contractors from bidding on future contracts, after a debarment determination by such authority, for a period of five years from such determination. Such regulations must ensure notice and an opportunity to be heard before such debarment determination and provide as a defense acts such as force majeure. Such regulations shall only provide for a debarment in situations involving a contractor's failure to substantially complete the work within the time frame set forth in the contract, or in any subsequent change order, by more than ten percent of the contract term; or where a contractor's disputed work exceeds ten percent or more of the total contract cost where claimed costs are deemed to be invalid pursuant by the contractual dispute resolution process.