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This entry was published on 2019-04-19
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Major construction review unit
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5, TITLE 11
§ 1279-g. Major construction review unit. The authority shall
establish the major construction review unit within the authority that
shall consist of a panel of internal and external experts appointed by
the board. Panel members shall have extensive background or executive
experience in at least one of the following areas: engineering; design;
construction; or, project management. The major construction review unit
shall review all large scale projects of the authority, its
subsidiaries, affiliates and the subsidiaries of its affiliates before
award and shall also review any plans involving signal system upgrades,
including, but not limited to the use of communications based train
control and ultra-wideband technology for use within the New York City
subway system before they shall be implemented. The review of any
project or system upgrade referred to the review unit shall be completed
within thirty days from the submission of such project or system to the
review unit.