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This entry was published on 2018-04-27
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Supplemental revenue reporting program
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5, TITLE 11
§ 1279-d. Supplemental revenue reporting program. 1. On or before
January first, two thousand nineteen, the authority shall develop a
supplemental revenue reporting program. Such program shall provide a
detailed accounting of the amount spent from supplemental revenues on
actions, measures or projects undertaken to reduce major incidents that
have been found to cause delays to the New York city subway system,
including but not limited to: track incidents; signal failure; persons
on the track; police and medical activity; structural and electrical
problems; and broken traincar equipment. The information described in
this subdivision, including the spending details and the associated
category of major incident, shall be updated quarterly and be
prominently posted together on the authority's website.

2. Definitions. For purposes of this section, "supplemental revenues"
shall include any funds appropriated by the state or the city of New
York to support the NYC subway action plan approved by the board of the
authority and any revenues received pursuant to section twelve hundred
ninety-nine-H of the tax law.