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New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5

Section 1280. Short title.

1281. Definitions.

1282. New York state environmental facilities corporation.

1283. Purposes of the corporation.

1284. General powers of the corporation.

1285. Special powers of the corporation.

1285-a. Construction, operation and maintenance of air pollution

control facilities, water management facilities and

storm water collecting systems.

1285-b. Additional special powers of the corporation with

respect to projects and persons.

1285-c. Construction, operation and maintenance of industrial

hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal


1285-d. Studies regarding design, construction and operation of

industrial waste treatment, storage and disposal


1285-e. Inactive hazardous waste disposal site remedial


1285-f. Program for ultimate disposal of hazardous wastes.

1285-g. Industrial materials recycling program.

1285-h. Inactive hazardous waste disposal site remedial


1285-i. Commercial and industrial waste audits.

1285-j. Water pollution control revolving fund.

1285-k. Financing of the design, acquisition, construction,

improvement and installation of Riverbank Park.

1285-l. State park infrastructure projects.

1285-m. Drinking water revolving fund.

1285-n. Issuance and sale of recipient bonds and notes.

1285-o. Pipeline for jobs fund.

1285-p. State environmental infrastructure projects.

1285-q. Financing of hazardous waste site remediation projects.

1285-r. State beginning farmer program.

1285-s. New York state intermunicipal water infrastructure

grants program.

1285-t. Water infrastructure emergency financial assistance.

1285-u. Septic system replacement fund.

1286. Acquisition and disposition of real property.

1287. Construction contracts.

1288. Co-operation and assistance of other agencies.

1289. Transfer of officers and employees.

1290. Notes and bonds of the corporation.

1290-a. Insurance and guarantees.

1291. Reserve funds and appropriations.

1292. Agreement of the state.

1293. Right of state to require redemption of bonds.

1294. Remedies of noteholders and bondholders.

1295. Notes and bonds as legal investment.

1296. Exemption from taxation; payments in lieu of taxes.

1297. Actions against the corporation.

1298. Title not affected if in part unconstitutional or