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Long Island Power Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5

Section 1020. Short title.

1020-a. Declaration of legislative findings and declarations.

1020-b. Definitions.

1020-c. Long Island power authority; creation.

1020-d. Board of trustees.

1020-e. Officers and employees; expenses.

1020-f. General powers of the authority.

1020-g. Powers to provide and maintain generating,

transmission and resource recovery waste to energy


1020-h. Acquisition of property, including the exercise of

the power of eminent domain.

1020-i. Subsidiaries.

1020-j. Notes of the authority.

1020-k. Bonds of the authority.

1020-l. State and municipalities not liable on bonds or


1020-m. Legal investments.

1020-n. Deposit and investment of moneys of the authority.

1020-o. Agreement of the state.

1020-p. Exemption from taxation.

1020-q. Payments in lieu of taxes.

1020-r. Repayment of state appropriations.

1020-s. Public service law generally not applicable to

authority; inconsistent provisions in certain other

acts superseded.

1020-t. Authority not to construct or operate a nuclear

powered facility in the service area.

1020-u. Employees of the authority not subject to the public

employees' fair employment act.

1020-v. Equal employment opportunity and minority and women

owned business enterprise programs.

1020-w. Audit and annual reports.

1020-x. Authority subject to open meetings law.

1020-y. Court proceedings; preferences; venue.

1020-z. Corporate existence.

1020-aa. Conflicts of interest.

1020-bb. Exculpation.

1020-cc. Authority subject to certain provisions contained in

the state finance law, the public service law, the

social services law and the general municipal law.

1020-dd. Authority not to seek nor any subsidiary of the

authority, to apply for or accept preference


1020-ee. Nine Mile Point II; disposition of interest.

1020-ff. Rates charged to veterans' organizations.

1020-gg. Energy plan.

1020-hh. Green jobs-green New York on-bill recovery.

1020-ii. Public notice before approval of utility transmission


1020-jj. Energy storage deployment policy.

1020-kk. Semi-annual expenditure and lobbying report.

1020-ll. Pilot thermal energy network projects.

1020-mm. Prioritization of emergency services.

1020-xx. Liberal interpretation.

1020-yy. Severability.

1020-zz. Inconsistent provisions of other laws superseded.

* NB There are 2 A5 T1-A's