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New York City Transit Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5

Section 1200. Definitions.

1201. New York city transit authority.

1202. Purposes of the authority.

1203. Transfer of transit facilities by the city to the


1203-a. Subsidiary corporation.

1203-b. Transfer of funds.

1204. General powers of the authority.

1204-a. Rapid transit noise code.

1204-c. Receipt of line of duty pay.

1204-d. Special powers of the authority.

1204-e. New York city transit authority advisory council.

1204-f. Subway track safety.

1205. Rates of fare and levels of service.

1205-a. Surrender of power plants.

1206. Omnibus operations.

1206-a. Transit construction fund.

1207. Notes and equipment trusts.

1207-a. Purchase of cars by the authority and disposition


1207-b. Issuance of bonds and notes by the authority.

1207-c. Required redemption of bonds.

1207-d. Agreement of the state.

1207-e. State and city not liable on bonds or notes.

1207-f. Bonds and notes legal investments for fiduciaries.

1207-g. Exemptions from taxation.

1207-h. Remedies of bondholders and noteholders.

1207-i. Rates of fare while bonds, notes and other obligations

are outstanding.

1207-j. Limitation on the exercise of powers by authority and

lease renewal.

1207-k. Purchase, financing and lease of cars and rolling

stock by city.

1207-l. Inconsistent provisions of other acts superseded.

1207-m. Transit projects.

1208. Revenue and accounts.

1209. Contracts.

1209-a. Transit adjudication bureau.

1210. Employees.

1210-a Flexible benefits program.

1211. Members and employees not to be interested in


1212. Actions against the authority.

1212-a. Security by authority.

1213. Report.

1214. Rapid transit law.

1215. Construction of terms.

1216. Exemption from taxation and fees.

1217. Records; prima facie evidence.

1218. Pending actions and proceedings.

1219. Continuity of jurisdiction.

1219-a. Transfer and receipt of surplus funds.

1220. Separability.

1221. Inconsistent provisions in other acts superseded.