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This entry was published on 2022-02-04
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South Nassau Water Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5

Section 1114-a. Short title.

1114-b. Definitions.

1114-c. South Nassau water authority district.

1114-d. South Nassau water authority.

1114-e. Powers of the authority.

1114-f. Transfer of officers and employees.

1114-g. Bonds of the authority.

1114-h. Remedies of bondholders.

1114-i. State and municipalities not liable on authority bonds.

1114-j. Moneys of the authority.

1114-k. Bonds; legal investments for fiduciaries.

1114-l. Agreement with the state.

1114-m. Exemption from taxes, assessments and certain fees;

payments in lieu of taxes.

1114-n. Actions against the authority.

1114-o. Conflicts of interest of members of the board of

directors and officers and employees of the authority.

1114-p. Construction and purchase contracts.

1114-q. Separability clause.

1114-r. Effect of inconsistent provisions.

1114-s. Acquisition by eminent domain.

* NB There are 2 A5T5-A's