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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Co-operation and assistance of other agencies
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5, TITLE 11-B
§ 1299-jj. Co-operation and assistance of other agencies. In the
interest of economy and to promote coordination of authority projects
with state, local, county and regional plans and also to carry out the
objective of full participation of all agencies in the development of a
transportation system and facilities to meet the objectives of this act,
the authority shall request and use existing studies, master plans,
surveys, data and other materials completed by or under development by
any state agency or any municipality or political subdivision of the
state. The authority shall consult with and cooperate with the
commissioner of transportation and with planning authorities in the
areas of its operations and shall utilize local or state planning. When
a project is contemplated by the authority, the authority shall submit a
preliminary prospectus thereof to the commissioner of transportation for
review and comment and shall consider the report of the commissioner in
formulating detailed plans for such project. When a project is
contemplated by the authority within the jurisdiction of any county
planning board or the Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Planning Board, the
authority shall prepare a preliminary prospectus thereof, describing the
purpose, general location, and nature of the project contemplated, with
such further data relative thereto that the authority shall consider
pertinent. Within sixty days of receipt of such prospectus such planning
board or boards shall prepare a report thereon, commenting on its
conformity or lack of conformity with any related official plan of the
state or region or any official planning agency within the region. Such
report shall be considered by the authority in formulating detailed
plans for such a project. At the request of the authority, each such
agency, municipality or subdivision which is engaged in highway or other
transportation activities or in land use or development planning, or
which is charged with the duty of providing or regulating any
transportation facility or any other public facility, is further
authorized to provide the authority with information regarding its plans
and programs affecting the transportation district so that the authority
may have available to it current information with respect thereto. The
officers and personnel of such agencies, municipalities or subdivisions,
and of any other government or agency whatever, may serve at the request
of the authority upon such advisory committees as the authority shall
determine to create and such officers and personnel may serve upon such
committees without forfeiture of office or employment and with no loss
or diminution in the compensation, status, rights and privileges which
they otherwise enjoy.