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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Jones Beach State Parkway Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 2, TITLE 3
* § 152. Jones Beach State Parkway Authority. A board, to be known as
"Jones Beach State Parkway Authority," is hereby created. Such board
shall be a body corporate and politic constituting a public benefit
corporation. It shall consist of the commissioners of the Long Island
state park commission and their successors. In case such commission
shall cease to exist the board shall consist of three members who shall
be appointed by the governor, by and with the consent of the senate; the
term of office of the members so appointed shall be two, four and six
years, respectively, and thereafter the terms of office of the said
members so appointed shall be six years. The president of the board
shall be the president of the Long Island state park commission or if
such commission shall cease to exist shall be appointed by the governor.
The members of the board shall be entitled to no compensation for their
services, but shall be entitled to reimbursement for all expenses
incurred or to be incurred in connection with the Jones Beach parkway.
The power of such corporation shall be vested in and exercised by a
majority of the members of the board then in office. The board may
delegate to one or more of its members, or to its agents and employees,
such powers and duties as it may deem proper. The board and its
corporate existence shall continue only for a period of five years and
thereafter until all its liabilities have been met and its bonds have
been paid in full or such liabilities or bonds have otherwise been
discharged. Upon its ceasing to exist all its rights and properties
shall pass to the state and become subject to the jurisdiction of the

* NB (Authority abolished June 30, 1978)