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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legislative findings and statement of purposes
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 25
* § 2502. Legislative findings and statement of purposes. It is
hereby found, determined and declared that the city has acquired certain
large sports facilities located in the city, including Yankee stadium,
Shea stadium, Randall's island stadium and Singer bowl and may
contemplate the acquisition or construction of other sports facilities;
that other sports facilities are maintained or will be constructed in
the city by public or private corporations; that the maintenance and
operation of such facilities in the most efficient and economical manner
possible through the flexible and imaginative use of business and
management skills, the coordination of their activities, the providing
of amateur, professional and scholastic sports events, meetings,
exhibitions, cultural events and other events of civic, community and
general public interest in such facilities, the promotion of the city's
competitive position in the field of sports in relation to other large
cities, and the carrying out of these purposes and the functions, powers
and duties provided in this act are essential for the health, welfare,
recreation and prosperity of the people of the city and state, for the
promotion of competitive sports for youth and the prevention of juvenile
delinquency and for the improvement of trade and commerce in the city
and the state.

It is hereby further found, determined and declared that at all levels
of government--federal, state and local--experience has shown that when
government operates in a field usually reserved for private enterprise,
a public authority is a useful device to provide the creativity and
independence which regular government agencies cannot offer and that
therefore it is in the public interest to create such an authority and
to vest such powers in the authority as are necessary or convenient to
implement the foregoing purposes since neither unaided private
enterprise nor government alone can adequately perform them; that the
creation and operation of the authority, as hereafter provided, is in
all respects for the benefit of the people of the city and the state,
and is a governmental, state, city and public purpose; and that the
exercise by such authority of the functions, powers, and duties as
hereinafter provided, constitutes the performance of an essential public
and governmental function.

* NB (Discontinued-Board of Directors never appointed)