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New York City Sports Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8
* TITLE 25

Section 2500. Short title.

2501. Definitions.

2502. Legislative findings and statement of purposes.

2503. New York city sports authority.

2504. General powers of the authority.

2505. Acquisition of real property for the authority and

contracts with the city.

2506. Moneys of the authority.

2507. Employees of the authority.

2508. Contracts of the authority.

2508-a. Certain property acquired by authority.

2508-b. Payments to the city.

2509. Bond and note authorization.

2510. Bonds and notes of the authority.

2511. Security for bonds or notes.

2512. Reserve fund.

2513. Remedies of bondholders and noteholders.

2514. State and city not liable on bonds and notes.

2515. Agreement of the state.

2516. Property and income.

2517. Exemption from taxation of bonds and notes.

2518. Bonds and notes as legal investments.

2519. Legal officer of the authority.

2520. Actions against authority.

2521. Applicability. * NB (Discontinued-Board of Directors

never appointed)