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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contracts of the authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 25
* § 2508. Contracts of the authority. 1. All contracts for the
construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or improvement of buildings
or structures shall be let in the manner provided by law for contracts
of the city. The authority in preparing separate specifications may
provide for assignment of responsibility for coordination of any of the
contracts for such work to a responsible person, firm or corporation.

2. The authority shall not award any construction contract except to
the lowest bidder who in its opinion is qualified to perform the work
required and is responsible and reliable. The authority may, however,
reject all bids or waive any informality in a bid if it believes that
the public interest will be promoted thereby. The authority may reject
any bid if in its judgment the business and technical organization,
plan, resources, financial standing or experience of the bidder,
compared with the work to be performed, justifies such rejection.

3. Any construction contract awarded by the authority shall contain
such other terms and conditions, and such provisions for penalties, as
the authority may deem desirable.

* NB (Discontinued-Board of Directors never appointed)