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This entry was published on 2019-04-19
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Traffic mobility review board
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 3, TITLE 3
§ 553-k. Traffic mobility review board. 1. The authority's board shall
establish the "traffic mobility review" board (board), which shall
consist of a chair and five members, that shall be made up of regional
representation, one of whom shall be recommended by the mayor of the
city of New York, one of whom shall reside in the Metro North Region,
and one of whom shall reside in the Long Island Rail Road Region.
Members of the board must have experience in at least one of the
following areas: public finance; transportation; mass transit; or
management. The chair and the members of the board shall be appointed by
the authority.

2. The board shall make a recommendation regarding the central
business district toll amounts to be established pursuant to article
forty-four-C of the vehicle and traffic law, which shall include a
variable-pricing structure, no sooner than November fifteenth, two
thousand twenty and no later than December thirty-first, two thousand
twenty, or no later than thirty days before a central business district
tolling program is initiated, whichever is later. Such recommendation
shall be submitted to the board of the Triborough bridge and tunnel
authority for consideration before the Triborough bridge and tunnel
authority board may approve central business district toll amounts that
may be established and adopted.

3. For purposes of recommending a central business district toll or
tolls in addition to the goal of reducing traffic within the central
business district, the board shall, at minimum, ensure that annual
revenues and fees collected under such program, less costs of such
program, provide for revenues into the central business district tolling
capital lockbox fund, established pursuant to section five hundred
fifty-three-j of this chapter, necessary to fund fifteen billion dollars
for capital projects for the 2020 to 2024 capital program, and any
additional revenues above that amount to be available for any successor
program. The board shall consider for purposes of its recommendations,
factors including but not limited to, traffic patterns, traffic
mitigation measures, operating costs, public impact, public safety,
hardships, vehicle type, discounts for motorcycles, peak and off-peak
rates and environmental impacts, including but not limited to air
quality and emissions trends. The board shall recommend a plan for
credits, discounts, and/or exemptions for tolls paid on bridges and
crossings which shall be informed by a traffic study associated with the
impact of any such credits, discounts and/or exemptions on the
recommended toll. The board shall recommend a plan for credits,
discounts, and/or exemptions for for-hire vehicles defined, and subject
to a surcharge imposed by, article twenty-nine-C of the tax law for a
for-hire transportation trip based on factors including, but not limited
to, initial market entry costs associated with licensing and regulation,
comparative contribution to congestion in the central business district,
and general industry impact. The board shall produce a detailed report
that provides information regarding the board's review and analysis for
purposes of establishing its recommendations, including but not limited
to, all of the considerations referred to in this subdivision. The board
shall not recommend a toll that provides for charging passenger vehicles
registered pursuant to subdivision six of section four hundred one of
the vehicle and traffic law more than once per day.

4. The authority, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and subsidiaries of
affiliates, the city of New York, and any state agency or authority
shall provide any assistance necessary to assist in the completion of
the board's work and promptly respond to any requests for information or
consultation consistent with the purposes of this section.

5. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority capital plan shall be
reviewed by the traffic mobility review board.

6. Members of the board shall serve without compensation.