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This entry was published on 2021-01-08
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Triborough Bridge Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 3

Section 550. Short title.

551. Definitions.

552. Triborough bridge and tunnel authority.

552-a. Consolidation.

553. Powers of the authority.

553-a. Additional powers in relation to Brooklyn Richmond


553-b. Additional powers and provisions in relation to

convention center.

553-c. Additional powers and provisions in relation to railroad

and rapid transit projects.

553-d. Special Triborough bridge and tunnel authority special

obligation bonds and notes.

553-e. Laws applicable to certain activities.

553-f. Tokens.

553-g. Fire training.

553-h. Tokens.

553-i. Marine Parkway Bridge; tokens.

553-j. Additional powers and provisions in relation to central

business district tolling program.

553-k. Traffic mobility review board.

554. Transfer of officers and employees.

555. Selection of site.

556. Acquisition of lands by the city for the project.

557. Grant of land by the city to the authority.

557-a. Lands, easements and rights in land.

558. Consent of state.

559. Construction contracts.

560. Moneys of the authority.

561. Bonds of the authority.

562. Redemption of bonds.

563. Agreement of the state.

564. State and city not liable on bonds.

565. Bonds legal investments for fiduciaries.

566. Exemptions from taxation.

566-a. Tax contract by the state.

567. Remedies of bondholders.

568. Continuity of jurisdiction.

569. Protection of prior bondholders.

569-a. Actions against the authority.

569-b. Restrictions on signs and billboards.

569-c. Transfer and receipt of surplus funds.

569-d. Protection of bondholders.

570. Title not affected if in part unconstitutional or


571. Inconsistent provisions in other acts superseded.