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Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8
Section 1970. Short title.

1971. Statement of legislative findings amd purposes.

1972. Definitions.

1973. Battery park city authority.

1974. Powers of the authority.

1974-a. Subsidiaries; how created.

1974-b. Lease and other agreements.

1974-c. Additional powers of the authority.

1974-d. Contracts.

1975. Moneys of the authority.

1976. Bonds of the authority.

1977. Notes of the authority.

1977-a. Bond and Note Authorization.

1977-b. Reserve funds and appropriations.

1977-c. Reserve funds and appropriations for loans, advances and

mortgage financing to housing companies.

1978. Agreements of the state.

1979. State and city not liable on bonds and notes.

1980. Bonds and notes legal investments for public officers

and fiduciaries.

1981. Exemption from taxes.

1982. Tax contract by the state.

1983. Remedies of bondholders.

1984. Actions.

1985. Limitation of liability.

1986. Assistance by state officers, departments, agencies and


1987. Separability.

1988. Effect of inconsistent provisions.